Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid & Kelp

In light of the fact that humic, fulvic and kelp have virtually become commodity products in intense horticulture I was very interested to compare our prices to the products they are currently using. I was amazed to discover just how competitive we have become. In all cases our high quality products are just a fraction of the price of equivalent products from our competitors. In light of this finding I felt obliged to scream it from the roof tops and hence I am writing to you to highlight the opportunity and to explain the price differences.

The NTS Advantage

Most growers appear to be paying around $4 to $5 per litre for humic acid (based on a 12% analysis), $5 to $6 per litre for fulvic acid (based on a 8% analysis) and $10 per litre for liquid kelp (based on 10% solids). These prices may vary around the country but you may be surprised to see how well the NTS products compare!
In my opinion soluble powders are a no-brainer for the price conscious grower. Why pay to cart water around the countryside? When we compare these powders to the equivalent strength liquids the cost benefits extend far beyond the freight saving. For example:
A 10% liquid kelp can be simply produced by adding 100 g of soluble kelp powder to every litre of water. A 10% liquid produced in this manner using Nutri-KelpTM Soluble Kelp Powder costs around $3 per litre versus $10 per litre for other liquid kelps. When we compare our new soluble kelp powder called Tri-KelpTM the difference is even more dramatic. Using Tri-KelpTM you can produce a 10% liquid for just $1.50 per litre. Tri-KelpTM is an exciting new product which features three different kelps to access the various benefits of each. It is an excellent product which is made to our own formulation and costs exactly half the price of our premium product, Nutri-KelpTM.

DIY Humic

A 12% humic acid liquid can be easily produced using our NTS 100% Soluble HumatesTM for just $1 per litre. Alternatively, if our NTS Soluble HumatesTM are used then the cost drops down to just 50 cents per litre. However, these granules are only 85% soluble so growers will need to separate off the insoluble sludge. This is a simple matter of dissolving the granules in water and leaving the solution to sit overnight to allow the insolubles to collect on the bottom.
Liquid fulvic acid can be similarly produced using our NTS Soluble Fulvic Acid PowderTM for just $1.75 per litre.
All figures are Australian Dollars.

Prices correct as of May 2008.

*Prices correct at time of publication. Prices can change without notification.

Written by Graeme Sait