Nutrition Farming Podcast Series 5 Episode 2 - How to Grow Unforgettable Food

Nutrition Farming Podcast Series 5 Episode 2 - How to Grow Unforgettable Food

In episode 2 of series 5 of the Nutrition Farming Podcast, host Graeme Sait shares a range of tips and strategies to grow truly memorable food with enhanced medicinal qualities and less need for chemical intervention. We take an in-depth look at the exciting potential of humic and fulvic acid, particularly when combined together in a single formula. Here, you will discover that the synergy can deliver something really special.

Graeme keeps the blood oxygen pumping throughout this episode with an entertaining dose of irreverent humour.

Master Dutch consultant Stephan Timmermans shares the secrets of his highly successful fertigation strategy.

The “Gold from the Vaults” segment features US farmer/author/consultant Gary Zimmer at his most inspiring best. His presentation is called “ “Becoming a Biological Farmer- The Psychology of Sustainability”.

Finally, the human health segment for this episode takes a deep dive into the ultimate wellness tool: your home vegetable garden. This Nutrition Gardening guide includes multiple practical tips (many of which are also relevant to commercial farming), DIY recipes and invaluable strategies to ensure stress-free food production.

0:00 - 5:17 - Introduction
5:17 - 35:46 - Nutrition Farming: Harnessing Humate Synergy
35:46 - 45:06 - Nutrition Farming: Introducing FulvX
45:06 - 1:09:13 - Nutrition Farming Success Story: Stephan Timmermans
1:09:13 - 2:02:28  - Gold from the Vaults: Gary Zimmer
2:02:28 - 2:52:27 - Human Health - Nutrition Gardening
2:52:27 - 2:55:03 - Conclusion

I trust you will enjoy this session as much as I loved creating it for you.

Stay happy, healthy, and productive.


About Graeme Sait

Course creator and presenter Graeme Sait is a specialist agronomist in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, plant nutrition and human health. He has advised and educated government, agronomists, and farmers in more than 20 countries. Graeme hosts the popular Nutrition Farming Podcast, is the author of the popular Nutrition Matters blog, and is known for his passionate work and TEDx talk on humus.

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