Domaine de la Romanee Conti is widely considered to be the world’s greatest wine producer and it is certainly amongst the most expensive. The new vintages sell for $2000 per bottle and the more seasoned versions are sold for two or three times this amount. This vineyard doesn’t do tastings because they have pre-sold all of their production for years in advance. This 400 year old vineyard produces its wine organically, as do many of the leading French producers.

When consulting in Burgundy recently with our French distributor, Jacques Moreau, I was invited to tasting at this famous vineyard. This sought-after invite was related to the performance of the NTS products with which they had been working. NTS works with many fine winemakers around the world. There appears to be a rapidly growing recognition that quality wines can not be grown with chemicals. Certainly this has almost become the norm in France and it is somehow appropriate that the French should lead the world in this understanding. After all, it was the French scientist, Chaboussou, who first linked the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides to a reduced immunity in plants. It is now understood that the biochemicals linked to pest resistance are the same compounds linked to flavour and many of the other qualities sought by master winemakers.