Upcoming UK Seminar Tour

Upcoming UK Seminar Tour

Acclaimed Australian nutrition specialist, Graeme Sait, will visit the UK in October for a pair of two-day seminars in England and Ireland.

This dynamic presenter has toured over 30 countries in the past year and is considered a world leader in biological agriculture, the fastest growing agricultural sector. If you have not heard Graeme speak before, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Graeme focuses on science and strategy to solve problems, increase yield and build profitability in farming. He is the CEO and founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS), a company dedicated to training, servicing, and consulting with farmers in 53 countries.

He is also an author/educator, responsible for over 300 published articles and two popular books. He created the four-day Certificate in Nutrition Farming®, which has been conducted across four continents for many thousands of growers, scientists and consultants over the past 20 years.

Graeme regularly consults at Governmental level, particularly in relation to the role of agriculture in climate change reversal. His popular and passionate TEDx talk, “Humus Saves the World”, covers this potential in depth.

In recent years, the trickle of interest in biological farming has become an unstoppable wave. There have been many companies, large and small, that are now changing the way they operate to increase sustainability, reduce chemicals and enhance the ‘fun-factor’ in farming.

The Dole Corporation, for example, are the largest food producers in the world. They have recently come on board as NTS distributors, utilising considerable funds to register 46 NTS products for use in the U.S.

The largest agricultural company in Vietnam, AGPPS, have recently become exclusive NTS distributors for Vietnam. Their large agronomy team is to be trained in Nutrition Farming®, the unique agricultural approach developed by Graeme.

The Woolworths supermarket chain (540 stores) in South Africa has commissioned Graeme to train all of their suppliers in Nutrition Farming® techniques. They have recently launched their “Farming for the Future” initiative based upon this form of food production. It has been so successful that Graeme’s recent seminar tour of South Africa was attended by many representatives of other South African supermarket chains, who are now forced to keep up.

In New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America, there is an awakening underway. Many growers recognise that the “chemical experiment” of the last few decades has taken a great toll on the soils that sustain us. In fact, according to Scientific American, at our current rate of topsoil loss we have just sixty years until nothing more remains.

Graeme Sait is a sought-after speaker at conferences, universities, farming forums and agriculture departments throughout the world. He is an expert in the intimate relationship between soil, plant, animal and human nutrition, and his inspirational presentations are often described as “life-changing”. Don’t miss the chance to hear Graeme speak in the UK and discover the shape of the future in food production.

UK Dates for 'Soil Health and Your Wealth' with Graeme Sait:

Cheshire East, England
October 20th – 21st, 2015
For more information please click here.

Dublin, Ireland
October 28th – 29th, 2015
For more information please click here.

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