The Nutri-Tech Triple 10™ Range

Market leaders in sustainable agriculture, Nutri-Tech Solutions, have allocated substantial research funds to the development of a revolutionary, new breed of liquid fertilisers. The Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™ range combines the best of conventional inputs with cutting-edge organics, to provide a unique high-production option for both fruit and vegetable producers and broadacre farmers. A base formulation has been appropriately modified to produce a crop-specific range, which now includes individual blends for a wide variety of different crops, ranging from avocados to zucchinis. Triple Ten™ is a breakthrough in liquid nutrition.

Fusion Power

NTS promote an approach they term “Fusion Fertilising”, where the performance and sustainability of N-P-K and trace element blends is dramatically enhanced through the inclusion of potent organics. Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™ typifies this “best of both worlds”, fusion approach. The breakthrough essentially involves synergy obtained through a carefully researched combination of chemical and biological inputs.

Carbon-buffering and natural chelation are two of the processes involved in the boosting of N-P-K components, but it is a far more complex synergy, involving enzymatic influences, which is the key to the Triple Ten™ success.

The Chemical Component

The N-P-K elements in the Triple Ten™ formulation are derived from “hot-mix” N-P-K. “Hot-mix” N-P-K is manufactured using a special process developed by Nutri-Tech. Three incompatible N-P-K concentrates are blended, creating a violent chemical reaction. The fusion generates such extreme heat that the mixture can “boil” for up to two days. When the solution has returned to normal temperature, the three ingredients have formed a totally different chemical compound. This potent, new N-P-K contains low sodium levels, has a neutral pH and is non-corrosive. The negatives associated with the parent materials are no longer present, but there is also another important gain: Plant growth is promoted by the energy released by fertilisers rather than by the actual fertilisers themselves. Each fertiliser has a different potential for energy release. New electronic scanning technology can measure the respective energy levels of different fertilisers, eg according to data derived from electronic scanners, muriate of potash has the worst energy levels of any fertiliser – This product actually measures in the negative zone and should be avoided accordingly.

By contrast, “hot-mix” N-P-K has an extremely high reading. In fact, this high-energy material is the most productive N-P-K option available. Considerably less “hot-mix” N-P-K is required to achieve the same or better result than that achieved with conventional N-P-K.
The Triple Ten™ analysis – N-10, P-10, K-10 also contains the perfect phosphate / potassium ratio. A phosphate / potassium ratio of at least 2:1 has proven productive in high-production fertility. Remembering that phosphate = phosphorus x 2.3, the Triple Ten™ analysis actually reads 10-23-10 (when phosphate is measured instead of phosphorus) which is the desired, “ideal” ratio.

“The breakthrough essentially involves synergy obtained through a carefully researched combination of chemical and biological inputs.”

The clean, powerful N-P-K chemical component is complimented by the addition of a complete range of chelated trace elements. This high-quality N-P-K / trace element base is then used to build a totally new kind of fertiliser, involving natural growth promotants, microorganisms, amino acids, enzymes, protein, colloidal minerals and vitamins.

The Biological Component

There is much more to plant growth than N-P-K, and it is only natural additives that can supply the missing links for enhanced fertility and production. Natural growth promotants, enzymes, broad-spectrum trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and microorganisms are some of the components required for crop quality and maximum yields.
Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™ includes the following ingredients:

NTS Liquid Worm Castings™: A patented process is used to produce and harvest the highest analysis liquid vermicast ever produced. NTS Liquid Worm Castings™ is an enzyme-rich, “living fertiliser”, containing substantial nutrient value and exceptional levels of beneficial microbes. Perhaps the biggest benefit of NTS Liquid Worm Castings™™ in the Triple Ten™ formulation relates to the capacity of this vermicast to maximise the performance of all other components in the blend. The mucous secretions produced by earthworms have been shown to provide the most effective wetter / sticker capacity of any material – natural or otherwise. All Triple Ten™ ingredients are encapsulated by these secretions and slow-released through the leaves when the product is used as a foliar.

NTS Liquid Humus™: Humic acid is an extremely powerful, natural chelating agent, increasing the plant-availability of all nutrients. NTS Liquid Humus™ also includes auxin-like growth promotants and organic carbon to buffer and boost other components in the blend. Humic acid converts the nitrogen component of Triple Ten™ into a slow-release N source, as N is absorbed onto the humate colloid and only released when required by the plant. Humic acid is also a highly effective spreader, contributing to the excellent wetter-sticker-spreader characteristics of the Triple Ten™ range.

[![This is what an amino acid looks like - only smaller]( "amino")]( is what an amino acid looks like - only smaller
**Amino-Tech™**: Amino acids chelate, promote and activate but, most importantly, they simplify the protein building process for the plant and the energy saved can be utilised elsewhere. Ocean fish is slowly decomposed, using a proprietary microbial blend, until the protein content is reduced to amino acids. The active components of the fish remain and the micro-organisms used in the process also remain in the end product.

Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven™: A balanced blend of chelated trace elements featuring the revolutionary sequester/chelator – Shuttle™. High concentrations of seven micronutrients are supported by seven major elements, saponins and fulvic acid which add a further growth-enhancing dimension to an exceptional liquid fertiliser.

Fulvic 1400™: Fulvic acid is a powerful extract from humates, which offers a host of benefits for both the soil and the plant. Fulvic 1400™ is an 8 % fulvic acid liquid possessing a myriad of yield-enhancing qualities. When Fulvic 1400™ is included in a program, the most common grower response is “How did I ever do without it?”

Hot Mix NPK with Selenium™: When N-P-K is combined in this manner, the end product is vastly different from the conventional. Three chemically incompatible materials are combined in the hot mix process to produce a violent chemical reaction. The liquids boil for two days, but when they have cooled, a new compound has been created. This new N-P-K compound has been created using food-grade materials. It has low sodium, a neutral pH and it is compatible with most other inputs. Nutri-Tech Hot Mix N-P-K™ is a more powerful source of these three important elements than any other comparable analysis materials. Recent CSIRO research revealed extremely serious deficiencies of selenium in Australian soils (in fact, they could not find a single part per billion in 6 months of testing). The addition of 250mg/L of selenium to Triple Ten™ helps achieve therapeutic levels of selenium in treated produce.


Tri-Kelp™ Seaweed Fertiliser: Kelp is an integral part of Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™. Seaweed is the world’s fastest growing plant, growing up to 30 cm per day! This phenomenal growth can only be achieved through the plant’s production of natural growth promotants called cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins and betaines. Tri-Kelp contains these growth promotants along with complex amino acids and plant sugars – the building blocks for protein.

Nutri-Stim Triacontanol™: Nutri-Tech have pioneered the use of this plant extract in high-production agriculture. Asian University trials have reported yield increases of up to 28% in wheat, using just triacontanol as a growth promoter. European research suggests a synergy between triacontanol and other naturally occurring growth promotants, where the combined effect is considerably magnified. Triple Ten’s rapid response may be partially related to this synergy.

Nutri-Mins: There has been a body of recent research confirming the role played by several vitamins in plant health and disease resistance. Plants appear to need vitamins in much the same way that humans do. Plants can’t manufacture their own vitamins, and they depend upon their supply from symbiotic bacteria, which produce these vitamins as a metabolic by product. Unfortunately, soil life has often been compromised with herbicides, pesticides, inappropriate fertilisers and poor soil balance, and, consequently, these vitamin producers are no longer present. The addition of precise amounts of vitamins C, E and B12 in foliar fertilisers can compensate for this absence.

The Unique Benefits of Triple Ten™

There is a range of crop-specific benefits associated with the individual fertilisers in the Triple Ten™ range, but there are also several universal benefits, which include the following:

  1. Rescue Remedy Capacity: The Triple Ten™ range has proven capable of rescuing stressed crops through enzymatic stimulation. Some of the stress producers that can be controlled with Triple Ten™ include: Excesses of temperature (both hot and cold), waterlogging, drought, storm damage and transplant shock.

  2. Improved Brix Levels: The Triple Ten™ range has proven a successful brix builder. High brix can mean high protein, higher mineral content and improved taste and shelf-life. Brix levels are measured by a small, handheld instrument called a Refractometer (available from NTS).

  3. Trace Element Nutrition: Trace elements are an essential component of plant health and production. They are required in only tiny amounts, but their presence or absence can make an enormous difference. There are seven recognised trace elements, and the Triple Ten™ range provides all of these in chelated (easily assimilated) form. There are also another 50+ trace elements about which we know very little. Iodine and selenium, for example, are now regarded as important role players in the fertility equation, but it is highly likely that many of the “unknowns” will also prove to be important. The Triple Ten™ range includes the full spectrum of trace elements – over sixty “fertility keys” to keep unlocking production potential.

  4. That extra something: Even when a system is well balanced and all else has been accounted for, Triple Ten™ can generate that extra lift to increase production and improve quality. Trial results suggest a synergy in this chemical / biological complex, which will outperform either organic or conventional competitors.

Horses for Courses – Crop Specific Triple Ten™

The Triple Ten™ range is available in various formulations, which are exclusively designed for particular crops. The basic “Hot-mix” N-P-K (N10-P10-K10) and chelated trace element component remains unchanged in all crop-specific blends. The differences are generally related to “add-ons” involving enzymes, growth promotants and vitamins.

“Unfortunately, soil life has often been compromised with herbicides, pesticides, inappropriate fertilisers and poor soil balance.”

The current Triple Ten™ range includes 47 products, and they relate to high-production fruit and vegetable growing and broadacre. This Range includes:

1) Avo-Tech Triple Ten™: Applied through irrigation and as a foliar spray. This product is specifically designed to set fruit with this notoriously poor fruit-setter. It is then used to increase fruit size and quality with a monthly spray program. Foliar absorption is increased with the unique wetter/sticker quality of Avo-Tech Triple Ten™.

  1. Berry-Tech Triple Ten™: A specialist product for strawberries, designed for runner treatment, foliar programs and fertigation. Kick-starts runners, increases flowering and yield. Improves taste, quality and keeping qualities.

  2. C-Tech Triple Ten™: A citrus fertiliser, used as a fruit-setter and fruit-filler, which can be applied as a foliar or through irrigation. Good colour, size and earlier maturity are some of the possible benefits.

  3. Ly-Tech Triple Ten™: A liquid fertiliser for lychees, designed to push flowering and fruit formation and then to boost size and quality and reduce maturity time.

  4. Mac-Tech Triple Ten™: A specialist liquid fertiliser for macadamias. Designed to increase nut holding capacity during periods of stress, improve kernel recovery rate and increase yield.

6) Mango-Tech Triple Ten™: Provides more even fruit size, improved colour and higher brix levels. Quality and yield are improved, but, more importantly, this product used throughout one season, can help to ensure that the dreaded fruitless seasons, for which mangoes are renowned, can be minimised.

  1. Nut-Tech Triple Ten™: Intended for almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pecans, etc.

  2. Olive-Tech Triple Ten™: Provides rapid development of new plantings, leading to earlier production, increased oil production and improved tree health.

  3. Paw-Tech Triple Ten™: This is one of the very few specialist paw paw fertilisers on the market. It can provide vigorous, healthy growth, better flowering and considerable yield and quality increases.

  4. Pome-Tech Triple Ten™: A high-production, liquid fertiliser for apples and pears, providing better fruit set and development and many other tree health benefits.

  5. Stone-Tech Triple Ten™: Fusion technology applied to stonefruit production provides a high-performance liquid fertiliser, which can help make the most of a limited time frame with this crop. The increased potential for early maturity can provide lucrative outcome.

  6. Stool-Tech Triple Ten™: A specialist banana fertiliser with features never previously available in this industry. The unique wetter/sticker qualities ensure improved foliar uptake. Bigger bunch size, better quality and more rapid sucker development are some of the benefits.

13) Trop-Tech Triple Ten™: Designed to enhance production of exotic tropicals like longans, rambutans, custard apples, persimmons, guava, starfruit, jackfruit, etc.

  1. Vine-Tech Triple Ten™: Intended for fertigation and foliar feeding of grape vines and root treatment of new plantings. Vine-Tech Triple Ten™ trials suggest that this is the most advanced and productive liquid fertiliser ever developed for viticulture. Benefits include healthy, vigorous vine growth, more even berry size, higher brix levels and substantial yield increases. Vine-Tech Triple Ten™ also includes natural gibberellins to push berry size.

Vegetable Boosters

  1. Cu-Tech Triple Ten™: Balanced nutrition with enzymatic stimulation for cucurbit crops, including cucumbers, zucchinis, pumpkins and squash.

  2. House-Tech Triple Ten™: A new liquid fertiliser, specifically for greenhouse crops, including tomatoes, capsicums and cucurbits.

  3. Hydro-Tech Triple Ten™: Designed for hydroponics, to be used as a foliar or for inclusion in nutrient tank mixes. Increases the root’s capacity to absorb nutrients and provides state-of-the-art organic inclusions that lift taste and quality of all hydroponic crops.

  4. Leg-Tech Triple Ten™: Fertigation and foliar treatment for legumes, including peas, beans, lupins and lentils.

  5. Melon-Tech Triple Ten™: Advanced nutrition for melon crops, including rockmelons, watermelons, honeydew, etc

  6. Root-Tech Triple Ten™: This formulation includes several natural components that increase root cell division in root crops. Asian trials with just one of the Triple Ten™ ingredients – Triacontanol – have produced yield increases in root crops ranging from 42 to 108%.

7) Veg-Tech Triple Ten™: The standard Triple Ten™, which is relevant to all small crops – for use in fertigation or as a foliar.

Broadacre Boosters

  1. Wheat-Tech Triple Ten™: Seed treatment with this product has proven particularly effective, with greatly enhanced, early root growth an often reported benefit. A foliar application at the 5-leaf stage, repeated just prior to flowering, can lift both yields and protein levels.

  2. Cotton-Tech Triple Ten™: Liquid injection at planting and 3 to 4 foliar applications per season has been very productive for this crop.

  3. Cane-Tech Triple Ten™: Plant-cane treated with this product develops more roots more rapidly, and the cane tillers more vigorously. There is also the potential to lift brix levels and plant health with regular foliar applications, particularly an aerial application prior to harvest.

  4. Cano-Tech Triple Ten™: Seed treatment and 2 to 3 foliar applications have proven effective with canola.

  5. Pasture-Tech Triple Ten™: The enzymes, growth promotants and broad-spectrum nutrition in the Triple Ten™ formulation can provide a boost with as little as 2 litres per hectare boom-sprayed on the pasture.

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