Nutrition Farming® is the Approach For Your Future

The Nutrition Farming® approach is being developed as the industry standard for increased yield of nutrient-dense foods, obtaining longer shelf-life and achieving premium prices. Nutrition Farming® is all about working from the soil up and improving the natural balance – mineral and biological.

Working with nature rather than against her.

Balance is everything. Unbalanced fertilisers create health problems for plants. The level of chemical intervention in the soil and on the leaf surface is a direct measure of the failure of a fertiliser program. The total amount of chemicals applied to crop lands continues to grow each year and yet there has never ever been a recorded reduction in pest problems.

Chemicals are not solving the problems because we are treating the symptoms. The root cause of these problems is poor nutrition and balance. It is the same root cause which has filled the pharmacy shelves with vitamin and mineral supplements. Plants were intended as the vehicles for the delivery of minerals from the soil to animals and humans. Why else would plant-derived minerals be 98% bioavailable? Our nutrition should come from our food, not from a bottle. We desperately need access to chemical-free, nutrient-dense food, which contains all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids and the numerous plant compounds now attributed to optimum health management.

Nutrition Farming® aims to:

  • Produce nutrient-dense food
  • Extend shelf-life of fruit and vegetables
  • Balance the soil – mineral and biological
  • Deliver forgotten flavours
  • Provide a profound marketing opportunity
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Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) has the backing of a team of biological agronomists and over [300 products]( "products") to make their Nutrition Farming® approach a reality for fruit and vegetable growers. Call the [NTS Technical Support]( "contact") team to discuss how you can make a change and achieve sustainable farming for your future.