NTS Soluble Humates™

Humic acid is arguably the most important input in agriculture because it can compensate for the loss of humus in our soils (down from 5% to 1.5% in just three generations). NSW research sponsored by the National Bank, in conjunction with the CSIRO, highlighted the fact that organic matter levels are the principle determinant of profitability in agriculture.

Humates are derived from ancient forests which pre-dated the dinosaur era. This fossilised flora still contains all of the minerals found in those nutrient-dense plants, but it is also a carbon concentrate which can be solubilised. Soluble humic acid can then be used as a stop-gap in low carbon soils where it can be applied directly to the root zone to mimic all of the benefits of a humus-rich soil.

These benefits include:

  • pH buffering
  • Mineral retention
  • Soil detoxification
  • Root-zone chelation
  • Plant growth promotion
  • The promotion of crumb structure
  • Solubilisation of mineral fertilisers
  • Sodium management

NTS Soluble Humates™ have proven the most cost-effective way to produce your own humic acid, but this product is only 85% soluble so there has always been a nuisance factor involving the removal of insoluble sludge. NTS have just released a super soluble humates in a coarse powder/fine grit which can be used to produce DIY 12% humic acid for a very affordable price.

Humic acid can be used to magnify and stabilise fertiliser inputs. It can sensitise plant cells to increase their intake of nutrients by up to 35% (magnification) and it can combine with highly leachable nutrients to form urea humates or boron humates, for example, which are non-leachable (stabilisation).

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