Life Force® Vitality

Life Force® Vitality

The home garden is the ultimate wellness tool. The access to nutrient dense, chemical-free food, which can be consumed immediately following harvest, is something of incredible value for our health. We can spend a lifetime becoming financially secure enough to justify developing a taste for delicatessen food or fine wine, but nothing compares to the forgotten flavours and extended shelf-life of this “champagne food” produced in our own backyards.

There are many other benefits associated with home food production, including the following:

  • There is nothing more relaxing than communing with nature in your garden. We live in a stress-filled society and the cliché “stress kills” is profoundly true on so many levels.

  • Food security is becoming increasingly important in uncertain times and the home garden is the essence of self-reliance.

  • Food prices are rising and destined to continue their escalation in line with increased production costs, linked to peak oil. The home garden can prove a big cost-saver.

  • There is no greater gift to your child than to inspire a love of gardening. They can escape digital entertainment and get some exercise and sunshine therapy, punctuated with healthy vegetable or fruit snacks direct from the garden.

  • Developing an awareness of your carbon footprint is an important part of a whole new community consciousness relating to climate change. This involves a recognition of the concept of “food miles”, i.e. how much energy and associated CO2 production was utilised to deliver the food on your plate. Home food production will always reduce the size of your family’s carbon footprint and, if you can build humus in your soil, you are effectively capturing CO2 and storing it in your soil.

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Getting It Right The First Time

In fifteen years of working with home gardeners and ‘would be’ home gardeners, we have recognised that the greatest stumbling block to achieving the benefits listed above is the spectre of first time failure.

Nothing drains passion faster than disease-affected, caterpillar-coated vegetables and spindly, unproductive fruit trees. It all invariably becomes ‘too hard’ and a wonderful opportunity to change the quality of the food you eat is squandered. This is why we have put together a unique range of cutting-edge biological products for the home gardener and developed a simple 3-step system to ensure their success. A complete novice can now become a successful gardener by following the system and an experienced gardener will also see dramatic improvements when utilising these unique products.

The Life Force® range is based on exciting new, proven technology that has never previously been available to the home gardener. Trial some of these products and you will be amazed at the response.

For further information on how you can boost the health and vitality of your home garden, lawn, vegetables, fruit trees and flowers, contact the NTS agronomy team on +61 7 5472 9900 or