How to Gain a Marketing Edge.

An increasing number of astute growers around the globe have recognised the potential in producing a product of superior quality, to service a rapidly growing market of discerning health enthusiasts. It’s not just about catering to the concerns about chemical residues on food, but rather a consumer-led movement to reclaim forgotten flavours and to seek nutrient-dense food, rich in protective phytonutrients. There is a tremendous marketing edge in differentiating your produce in the marketplace and in this context a comparative analysis of your product, vs. a typical analysis of other produce, can be a powerful tool. The key here is to focus upon the medicinal phytonutrients specific to different fruits. Cherries, for example, contain seventeen beneficial antioxidants which help prevent cancer and heart disease and slow the aging process. Quercetin and kaempferol, found in cherries, are used to boost memory and to reduce inflammation associated with arthritis. In fact recent research has revealed that the anthocyanins responsible for the intense red colour of this fruit are at least ten times more active than aspirin in terms of their anti-inflammatory properties.
Apples are actually the highest source of the powerful antioxidant, quercetin. In a recent Finnish study, regular apple eaters had 20% less heart disease, which was largely attributed to the presence of this protective nutrient. Apples also contain luxury levels of soluble fibre called pectins which lower cholesterol and blood sugars while removing heavy metals.

Superior Nutrition

It is not widely understood that these beneficial nutrients are not automatically present at good levels in all fruit. Their presence is dependent upon how that fruit was grown. Recent UK nutrition research, for example, has revealed oranges that actually contained no vitamin C at all. These fruit were produced in poorly balanced soils oversupplied with NPK. The better the mineral and microbe balance in the soil, the higher the levels of beneficial phytonutrients. The obvious opportunity for growers here is to differentiate themselves in the market place by producing food with demonstrably higher medicinal value and to market that superior food accordingly.

How to Achieve Nutrient Density

Queensland-based company Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) is a world leader in the production of nutrient-dense food. NTS has recently been involved in intensive training of all Woolworth’s growers in South Africa where the supermarket chain has decided to seek an advantage over their competitors by improving the quality of their fresh produce. NTS has pioneered the popular Soil TherapyTM and Plant TherapyTM analysis and programming services which are the first step in achieving this competitive edge. This company also offers an internationally acclaimed training course for growers seeking a market edge. The NTS Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture is a four day course which has become essential training for anyone interested in increasing nutrient density, producing forgotten flavours and reducing the need for chemicals. This course which has now been delivered in Europe, South Africa, USA and NZ is held three times a year at the NTS Seminar Centre in SE QLD.