This week I am in Taree in NSW giving a four-day Certificate course. During the last break I was approached by a woman who had attended one of my courses previously. She shared a personal experience that I found fascinating. I asked if she would mind if I included it in my weekly blog and she was happy to share. Jenny Meek contracted breast cancer 10 years ago and suffered surgery and several sessions of chemotherapy. She noticed a strange response from her pet cat following the treatment. The cat had always snuggled up in her bed but soon after treatment the cat emerged from beneath the sheets coughing and gasping from the chemical cocktail that was exuding from Jenny’s ailing body. Over the years on cold nights the cat, seeking refuge from the winter chill, would “purr” into her room, lift the sheets, smell her skin and then decide that it would rather brave the cold than share her bed.

This continued for ten years until Jenny first attended my course and heard about the detox potential of Far Infra-Red Saunas. This Japanese technology is tailor made to remove chemical contamination from the fat cells where it is often stored. When the liver encounters an unfamiliar compound that it is not equipped to detox, it shunts the contaminant off to the fat to be stored. This is one reason why we should avoid the fat from confinement animals.  The increased chemical intervention required in this form of production ends up in the fat of the chook, the cow, or the pig and it really represents a source of toxcicity we should try to avoid.

Anyway, back to Jenny. She purchased a portable FIR sauna and was amazed at what she experienced. After five 40 minute sessions in the sauna the release of toxins was initiated and she could smell the familiar stench of the chemotherapy agents, ten years after her treatment. The sweating and associated toxin removal continued for two hours following that fifth sauna session and she awoke the next morning feeling the best she had felt in years. That evening her pet cat returned to her bed for the first time and continued the snuggle sessions every night until the aging animal died last month. Jenny noticed another change following the sauna detox. She had been unable to eat onions or chillies for all of those years following her chemotherapy as both foods made her tongue peel. Onions are a major detox food due to their sulfur component and chillies contain capsaicin which can also sponsor detox. She was delighted, following that fifth sauna, to be able to reintroduce onions and chillies into her diet without stripping the skin from her tongue.

Far Infra-Red saunas are the best way I know to remove chemical residues. They penetrate deep into the fat and pump out stored toxins. Sometimes they have remained, like time bombs, in the fat for decades. I often relay a story of a friend who had become Tasmania’s first organic dairy farmer some 30 years ago. He decided to convert to organics as he became ill following the use of the herbicide 24D on scotch thistles. He was using an aluminium back pack unit that was notorious for leaking, leaving your back wet and your body stressed. When my friend heard me speak about FIR saunas her purchased a three person unit and his wife and daughter joined him for the first session. Within 25 minutes his wife and daughter rushed from the sauna as they could not handle the unique and unforgettable stink of 24D, oozing from his pores thirty years after he last used the chemical!