Finding Your Feet – Using Your Soles as a Cleansing Tool

Finding Your Feet – Using Your Soles as a Cleansing Tool

The Chinese call the feet the second kidney in reference to their role in detoxification. The feet contain over 2000 pores, which can serve as pathways for both the uptake of nutrients and removal of waste products and contaminants. When your socks smell it can be evidence of the body detoxing via the feet. In fact, the more they smell the higher your toxic burden. Conversely, your feet can be used to fast track nutrient uptake. The regular soaking of the feet in a footbath with warm water and two tablespoons of magnesium oil, for example, has been shown to be more effective at correcting a magnesium deficiency than oral supplementation of this mineral.

The feet, of course, are also the focus of a major Chinese therapy called reflexology. It has been found that various pressure points on the feet correspond with specific organs and body parts. Reflexology involvesthe informed application of pressure to these points to positively influence the corresponding organ. These practitioners have a reputation for finding the hot spot and applying pressure to the point of unbearable pain. I remember visiting such a practitioner at the South Bank Markets in Queensland and the louder I yelled the more he smiled and the harder he pushed. Perhaps sadism is a module in mastering this methodology.

There is a technology, popularised in Asia, that detoxes and stimulates, via the feet, without the sacrifice and discomfort typically associated with cleansing and pressure point massage. In fact, it all happens while you sleep. Billions of detox footpads are sold each month throughout Asia and it seems that this may be a successful strategy to survive and thrive in some of the more polluted cities.

I first became aware of this therapy when Dr Michael Sichel spoke at my Radiance Festival five years ago. Michael has achieved unparalleled results in his work with ADHD and autism. In fact, he claims that his NSW clinic has a 75% success ratio. He explained that there is a very strong link between autism and mercury contamination. Mercury tends to head to the brain and is a neurological nightmare. The mad hatter, so uniquely portrayed by Johnny Depp in the current 3D blockbuster, is a lighthearted look at the results of mercury poisoning in the millinery trade. Mercury is the most toxic substance on the planet. There is no known safe level of this heavy metal and it defies belief to think that a mercury-based substance (thimerisol) could have been used to stabilise vaccines. A tiny little body with an immature immune system and a detoxification system that is still developing was never designed to have this “crap” injected into its veins.

Mercury and Brain Function

Glutamate and aspartate are amino acids that serve as neurotransmitters. In both cases they can become destructive excitotoxins if oversupplied. What kinds of food could over supply aspartate? A leading culprit is the artificial sweetener, Aspartame, as it is based upon this amino acid. Diet drinks and diet foods and sweets are everywhere but they must be completely avoided by the child suffering ADHD or autism.

Similarly the young brain’s capacity to manage glutamate is seriously compromised by mercury. In this case the heavy metal shuts down the glutamate removal system that is designed to manage excesses. Where might this oversupply occur in the modern diet? Well, the first and obvious culprit is mono sodium glutamate (MSG), a cheaters flavour enhancer commonly found in snack foods, sauces and in many poor quality, “junk food” Chinese restaurants. Look out for the number 621 in the ingredients list and you will be surprised how often it turns up. MSG should be avoided by everyone interested in brain health but the other main sources of glutamate are found in important, staple foods that we all eat but which must be removed from the diet of the autistic child. These staple foods are cereal grains and dairy products. Gluten, the protein found in most grains, contains 46% glutamate, while casein, the protein found in milk, contains 23% glutamate.

Diet, Detox Foot Pads and Coriander

Dr Sichel has found that autism is managed most effectively by eliminating cereals and dairy in combination with a mercury detox protocol. He has found that a high quality, Japanese brand of detox foot pad can assist with removing mercury and other contaminants. He has also found that a few drops of a concentrated tincture of coriander, added to each pad, magnifies the detox effect. The heavy metal removal is monitored with regular hair tests and he has found that the pads need to be used for as long as 6 months in some cases. In his conference presentation, Dr Sichel showed numerous hair test results on PowerPoint slides. The monthly tests confirmed the ongoing removal of mercury and other heavy metals in his patients. The contribution of coriander was also confirmed with these tests.

The coriander story is fascinating. It began during drug research in a Japanese old folks' home. The subjects of the drug trial were being closely monitored for side effects, when it was realised that significant, inexplicable quanties of mercury was showing up in urine tests. It was initially difficult to isolate the source of the contaminant. It was thought that perhaps polluted fish was involved or maybe the water supply had been contaminated. However, it was eventually found that a new chef had been added to the staff. He had previously worked for a long period in a Thai restaurant and as a result he was adding handfuls of coriander to many of the meals.

Since that initial discovery it has been found that humble coriander is actually a more effective chelating agent than EDTA. It not only serves to remove toxic mercury from your body but can also assist with the removal of cadmium and lead. The best way to introduce a coriander concentrate into your diet is to consume a coriander pesto at 2 tablespoons per day for at least 4 weeks. However, there are a couple of cautions when considering the use of coriander to remove heavy metals. When mercury is released there is a potential for retoxification, if the heavy metal is not trapped with something called an intestinal absorbency agent. The most effective option is chlorella, a single-celled algae which is available as a green powder that can be mixed with water (1 teaspoon in a glass) and consumed in conjunction with the coriander pesto. Chlorella sucks up the mercury so it can be excreted rather than reabsorbed.

The other caution relates to mercury-based amalgams.  The World Health Organisation have recently stated that methyl mercury leaches from amalgams into the body at rates of 3 – 17 mcg per day, depending upon the number of fillings in your mouth. Coriander can magnify this leaching process so it is not recommended for those with a mouth full of amalgam fillings.

Problem-Free Detox

There are various theories about how the detox footpads work, ranging from stimulation of the detoxification system via reflexology, herbal enhancement of the lymphatic system and a poultice effect. However, in my opinion, there is not enough hard science behind any of these theories to make any definitive claims. In fact, there is considerable controversy on the internet about their validity. One of the problems relates to sales claims where the overnight discoloration of the pads is directly linked to the supposed removal of gunk through the feet. This is misleading, as the pads will become a dirty brown colour several hours after they have been wet and sweat from the feet is an obvious source of moisture. The impregnated ingredients appear to be the source of the discolouration.

Similarly, there is scanty scientific proof of the validity of reflexology. The empirical evidence for the benefits of reflexology, however, is overwhelming. The thousands of foot reflexology centres operating in China for centuries are testimony to the ongoing efficacy of this therapy. The embrace of reflexology by the west in recent decades is performance-based rather than research-based. There is a parallel here with the acceptance of detox footpads. The blog sites are rife with detractors but none of them appear to have tried the technology. There are also many contributors who were complete skeptics until they experienced the benefits for themselves. This really is a case of “the proof being in the pudding”. There is undeniable evidence of the removal of heavy metals from the body when monitoring with hair tests. I had a call from a lady yesterday who had used detox footpads to address mercury toxicity in her young son. Subsequent testing revealed the complete removal of the mercury, to the astonishment of the doctor involved.

The stick-on pads are impregnated with bamboo vinegar and various herbal mixtures and are attached to the soles of your feet before bed. The next morning the pads are removed and this process is repeated nightly for a minimum of one week. This is the easiest of all detox protocols and there are many thousands of users who have reported multiple benefits from this simple cleansing strategy.

More Than A Detox Tool

The detox footpads can be placed on different parts of the feet to influence different parts of the body, based upon hot points in reflexology. It also appears that these pads may be of value when applied directly to the problem areas. Recently, while surfing the web in search of a solution to a persistent problem with tennis elbow, I came across a promotion for miracle elbow pads that could reduce the fluid accumulation associated with bursitis in the elbow overnight. It seemed highly likely that these were simply footpads in a different, overpriced guise so I tested my theory. Sure enough the swelling was significantly reduced by morning and I have used this trick, whenever needed, ever since.

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