Enough Is Enough! – It’s Time To Stand Up and Be Counted!

Enough Is Enough! – It’s Time To Stand Up and Be Counted!

I have only recently become aware of the potential for environmental disaster linked to the extraction of coal seam gas. This morning I received an email from my brother, Bryan, featuring a YouTube video that had a profound effect upon me. I was horrified and enraged to witness the potential outcome of senseless greed, environmental vandalism and political incompetence. It brought tears to my eyes, but served as a call for action and I sincerely hope it may have a similar effect upon you.

For those of you that are not aware of the process, coal seam gas extraction involves a process called fracking where a violent vibrating drill delivers a cocktail of chemicals of unknown toxicity into the coal seams to harvest the gas within. The Queensland Gas Company have recently signed a 100 billion dollar deal with China for the delivery of massive quantities of this petrochemical over the next 30 years.

The problem is that the patented blend of injected chemicals ends up in the fractured water table and the precious water upon which we are all dependant is seriously contaminated. The multiple fractures across the Australian landscape even threatens the Great Artesian Basin which effectively destroys the future for generations to come.

The film features a Chinchilla farmer who has been forced off his farm with the toxic fumes and polluted bore water that can be literally set alight. His immediate region already hosts 4000 gas extraction wells and there are 35,000 more to come. He acknowledges that he has no future but he implores the rest of us to act now to ensure that we do have.

It is absurd testimony to pitiful government to see the Queensland Minister Of Mines floundering to answer Liz Hayes’s simple question, “do you know what chemicals are being pumped into underground water throughout Queensland?’ He could not answer that question and the fact is that only two of the 23 chemicals involved have ever been researched.

We have reached a point in history where the people are standing up to be counted. The unrest in the Middle East involves an unprecedented example of this growing sentiment. People across that region attend their prayer meetings and then set out to the streets to register their protest at the despots who control them. They know each week that many of them will not return home and yet each week the numbers grow. Fear is no longer the control factor and the tyrants scratch their heads in disbelief.

One of the passionate speakers on this video clearly states the importance of this issue when he suggests that this is “not the fight of our lives but the fight for our lives!”

Please take the time to watch this video link and please act upon it. If everyone on the Nutrition Matters subscription list signs the associated petition and emails this link to all of their contacts, it could involve hundreds of thousands of people who will help this video become viral. Social media has fueled the Middle East uprisings and it can do the same thing here. It is time to stand up and fight for your future!

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