Aquavate™ Wins Award

Aquavate™ Wins Award

The Aquavate™ water treatment unit marketed by NTS was the recipient of an award for “world leading innovation” and technology exports at the recent Water Industry Alliance Awards lunch. The Aquavate™ unit is a unique technology which softens water without the repeated use of salts and it is maintenance-free and does not require a power source.

However, the water softening capacity is just one of the many benefits of this revolutionary device. The Aquavate™ also energises water in the same manner as the highly successful Grander technology from Europe. There is also a vortexing function which has a similar effect to the flowforms used in biodynamics and a powerful paramagnetic charge is also added to the water as it passes through the stainless steel cylinder.

Reports of improved crop quality and yield and enhanced performance from microbial innoculums are common. For example, Roseneath Organic Farms are now using this technology to grow medicinal herbs. They report that their treated sunflowers are 40% larger with associated yield increases. They also claim that their broad beans weighed 40% more and had 160% more nitrogen-fixing nodules. Sounds like a good reason to liquid inject with aquavate-treated water when planting legumes.

This technology also improves water quality when watering livestock.  Mt Gambier Grazier, Nick Kentish, uses treated water for this purpose and he states "There is no doubt the animals taste the difference – quite amazing!" In the home, Aquavate™ owners report that clothes and dishes are washed more effectively and shower alcoves are more easily cleaned. There are also claims that garden plants grow much better with less water. From a personal perspective I have been delighted with my Aquavate™.

The hard water which is a problem with my bore feels noticeably “softer” and my garden trials were abandoned as soon as I realised that the treated area was so much more vibrant and vigorous than the untreated area. Science goes out the back door at my place when I am trying to grow the best food possible for my family! Contact NTS on +61 7 5472 9900 or to purchase your Aquavate™ unit.