A Stock Saver Secret

A Stock Saver Secret

Stock Saver Vet™ has long been considered the sleeping giant of the NTS range. There has always been an impressive flow of customer feedback about the performance of this product and that has further increased with the addition of a pet version called Pet Saver™.  Humates are our largest and most successful product for plant and soil health but the potential of these natural acids for animal health is not well understood.

Stock Saver Vet™ features humic and fulvic acids in the sodium form, as this is more appropriate for animals (in comparison to the potassium form used in agriculture). These organic acids serve as prebiotics that stimulate the rumen to improve feed utilisation and increase the production of supportive microbial exudates. They can also isolate and neutralise toxins in much the same manner that activated charcoal might be used to counteract accidental poisoning in humans.

We have also had regular reports about the capacity of this humate tonic to capture ammonia, thereby reducing odour problems and increasing the nitrogen content of manure. This is not a widely researched characteristic of humates and we were a little perplexed until we recently discovered why this is happening. We had always believed that Stock Saver Vet™ contained sodium humates and sodium fulvates that, along with their many other benefits, also serve to chelate the key trace minerals that are included in the formulation. These include: sulfur, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and a good lashing of selenium.

During the preparation of import documents to allow entry of this product into New Zealand, we discovered to our surprise that the Stock Saver Vet™ formulation actually contained 10% micronised zeolite. Micronised zeolite, as a liquid suspension, has become something of a phenomenon in human health due to exciting European research highlighting its many benefits. Unfortunately, there is no research to date regarding comparable benefits for animals. There is, however, research supporting the ability of zeolite to very efficiently trap ammonia.

For further information on Stock Saver Vet™, or to place an order, please contact NTS on +61 7 5472 9900 or sales@nutri-tech.com.au.