Tsunami™ – New, Multi-Purpose Problem Solver

Tsunami™ – New, Multi-Purpose Problem Solver

Imagine a wetter/sticker/spreader that supplies all of the benefits of silica. This is Tsunami™, the remarkable new addition to the NTS range of problem-solvers. Tsunami™ acquired its name due to an amazing spreading capacity, which can turn a beaded droplet on the leaf into a sweeping wave that engulfs all before it.

Increasing Efficiency of Foliar Fertilisers

Tsunami™ is primarily a non-ionic super spreader, similar to the new wave of silica-based super spreaders that have proven to be of such value in recent years. However, while the spreading response is similar, this product is not based on synthetic siloxane. Instead it is based on a world-first, patented technology that extracts natural tetra-siloxane from rice husks. The non-ionic nature of Tsunami™ means it is compatible with virtually everything. Unlike ionic spreaders, which can be very reactive with some trace minerals (up to 40% of copper efficiency, for example, is compromised by ionic spreaders), there is no reactivity and performance loss. In fact, the opposite is true.

Tsunami™ can be a major cost-saver as growers in Turkey, for example, report gradual reductions in fertiliser requirements due to this improved delivery and an apparent immune eliciting response. This performance enhancement is achieved with a dilution rate of just 0.1 mL per litre or just 10 mL per 100 L. One outstanding difference between this natural product and the synthetic alternatives relates to the likelihood of crop burning. These other products can sometimes damage the waxy leaf surface due to the presence of an emulsifier that is not found in Tsunami™. Tsunami™ also differs in that it serves additionally as a penetrant. Enhanced penetration of actives can be of obvious benefit.

Delivering the Benefits of Silica

Silica has become a huge story in crop management as findings from five International Silica Conferences filter through to grower level. Silica improves photosynthesis, stem strength, resilience, nutrient translocation, plant immunity and production and we now understand that the vast majority of farmed soils lack the plant-available form of this mineral. Growers have discovered significant benefits from the application of silica in the form of potassium silicate, but this material is extremely caustic and is incompatible with almost everything. The Tsunami™ polymer does the work of silica, but it does not actually deposit in the leaf (as measured on a leaf test). Tsunami™ strengthens cell walls and visibly boosts photosynthesis but, like a flying doctor service, it does not remain at the scene of the action once the work has been done.

In Conclusion

A multi-function tool offering such a diverse and important range of benefits is sure to be well-received. We strongly encourage growers to experiment with the many ways that Tsunami™ can become an integral part of more sustainable crop production.

If you have any queries or wish to place an order, please contact Nutri-Tech Solutions on +61 7 5472 9900 or sales@nutri-tech.com.au.

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