Triple Ten™ – What The Customers Think

Triple Ten™ – What The Customers Think

Triple Ten™ has been our largest selling fertiliser, in over 50 countries, for almost twenty years. It is a comprehensive formulation designed for foliar application that is applicable to all crops.

Triple Ten™ features a hot mix NPK (10-10-10) component, supported by the full suite of chelated trace minerals using our unique Shuttle® mineral delivery innovation. The other half of this jam-packed liquid consists of fulvic acid, amino acids, kelp, selenium, saponins, vitamins and triacontanol. This is a complete fertiliser, biostimulant and yield-builder in one.

In all of my global travels I have never seen another formulation that comes close to Triple Ten™ in terms of complexity and all-encompassing nutrition coverage. However, sometimes it is best to let those using the product do the talking. Here are some of their comments:

Triple Ten™ Testimonials

“The use of Triple Ten™ recommended by Nutri-Tech rewarded our orchard with the best crop of mangoes ever. The crop was heavy and the fruit was the biggest in size up to 1.5 kg in weight and some boxes had 6 or 7 in each. Our prices at Perth Markets $25 to $35, while Carnarvon (600 km to North of Geraldton) received $10 to $25. The amazing sight in the Geraldton harsh environment was the growing of the trees while bearing fruit, also no fruit drop due to sudden 40 degree heat. This season we used water sparingly, only when the hot easterly winds dry out the orchard, but no ill effects on the trees or fruit.”
– Denis Walker – Mango Grower, Western Australia.

“Triple Ten™ is my favourite NTS product. My large scale potato growers foliar apply Triple Ten™ every ten days, at 7 litres per hectare. This is higher than the recommended rate but the results well and truly justify the extra expense. Potatoes love this liquid and provide much larger numbers of evenly sized tubers.”
– John Norton – Fertiliser Consultant, South Australia.

“The treated area produced more than double the average in the area and most of it is premium quality with very little 2nd class.”
– Lee Morrissey – Lime Grower, Queensland.

“We apply Triple Ten™ and Black Gold® every week and the results are simply outstanding. The chrysanthemum crop is producing more buds and more flowers with more vibrant colours. Plant health is dramatically enhanced with a sheen on both leaves and flowers. The gain in yield and quality are also reflected in produce demand with florists commenting that they now have the best flowers in the area.”
– Alan & Melissa Cook – Floriculture, Queensland.

“I have had a great year with Triple Ten™ and will be including the product in all my client's programs from October each year. Once they know what fruit load they have on the vines, the plan is to use Triple Ten™ to hold the leaf condition, provide an active canopy that is pumping out carbohydrates and filling the fruit. I am managing high value fruit and the vines are showing signs of neglect from low inputs over the last few years, with pale and deficient looking leaves. I call Triple Ten™ “Spray on Green”, as it allows me to improve the leaf colour and manage the active canopy without stimulating vegetative vigour, which would detract from the fruit quality. Triple Ten™ has provided a more sustained effect, compared to previous liquid fertilisers I have used and there is no worry about producing out of balance growth.”
– Liz Riley – Viticulture Consultant, NSW.

“Foliar sprays of Triple Ten™ alternated with Black Gold®, plus soil applications of CalMag-Life™, have resulted in yields above expectation in quantity and quality. We were looking at an income of $4000 – $5000 from the whole property. Now we are looking at 20 times that from the 6 acres.”
– Paul O'Neill – Table Grapes, Queensland.

“Triple Ten™ is amazing! The seedlings just power on after transplant, with a healthy and rapid establishment. I have also had good results with the liquid inject. I have been trialling it against conventional treatment and our treated mix shot out of the ground first and has been kicking arse against the other treatment.”
– Pascal Martin, Horticulture Consultant, Queensland.

“I used Triple Ten™ in a fortnightly alternation with Trio™ in my own leased vineyards, and those of some of my clients in the 2014 wine grape growing season. The product was easy to use, cost effective and the positive results were obvious within days of application, with vines showing increased resilience to disease and pest pressure and extremes in weather, without encouraging unwanted excessive vegetative growth. I will be using the product next season and recommending that my clients do also.”
– Mary Kennedy, Viticulture Consultant, South Australia.

Please call +61 7 5472 9900 or email if you would like to experience Triple Ten™ for yourself. To learn more about Triple Ten™, please click here.

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