Sustainability Without Sacrifice

Sustainability Without Sacrifice

It is a common misconception that any increase in sustainability will inevitably involve sacrifice, with the assumption that it will cost more or yields will fall! However thousands of farmers around the globe have proven that what is best for the planet is also best for the pocket. Cutting-edge biological strategies are delivering the ultimate win/win. You can build humus and reduce chemical inputs while increasing production and profitability by working with nature rather than against her.

Queensland company, Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS), is a world leader in advanced biological agriculture, exporting product and knowledge to over 40 countries. The four-day NTS Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture has become essential training for anyone wishing to improve their farming or consulting skills. This acclaimed course has been conducted in four continents over the past decade and it is often described as a “life changing experience”.

NTS has created one of the world’s largest ranges of certified organic products, even though the majority of their clients are conventional growers seeking to build both profitability and sustainability. An all-inclusive range of over 200 products provides sustainable problem solvers for every situation and a team of highly skilled Agronomists offers free advice and consultation whenever required. In a brave new agricultural world, where climate change and peak oil are dictating urgent adjustments, it is becoming increasingly obvious that biological agriculture is the shape of things to come and those that are up to speed with this science will be well positioned to prosper.

Agriculture is destined to headline efforts to counter global warming, as the sequestration of carbon via humus building is the most productive strategy to reduce the thickening blanket of CO2. The problem is that humus building is a biological process. It is not hard to envisage a situation in the near future where anything that compromises the beneficial fungi that fix stable carbon will not be acceptable. Unfortunately, many of the common practices in conventional agriculture compromise these creatures.

If you would like to learn more of the science supporting the biological approach, you can book for an NTS course or speak with an expert by phoning +61 7 5472 9900.