Record Breaking Biological Farming Course

Record Breaking Biological Farming Course

Ten years ago, author/consultant Graeme Sait researched and developed the first Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture course and, along with a team of highly credentialed Agronomists, presented the information to a group of fifty farmers. Since then, this four-day learning opportunity, supported by a 360-page manual, has gone on to become the leading course of its type in the world.

Thousands of growers and consultants have now been trained in four continents and the accolades have been many. The former head of the USDA organic division has referred to it as “the best course I have ever attended” and the CEO of Woolworths in South Africa has called it “essential training for all food producers on the planet”. Attendees regularly rank it at 10/10 on their post course evaluation forms and this unique educational event is invariably sold out at every sitting.

Throughout the country, farmers associations and Landcare groups are organising  opportunities for members and local farmers to discover cutting-edge strategies for increasing productivity profitability and sustainably.

The upcoming Certificate courses can be viewed on the Nutri-Tech Solutions website (scroll down, under "Course Dates"):

This unique course has a management focus that includes minerals, microbes, crops, pests and animal health. There is also a substantial focus upon personal health as part of an holistic emphasis that is aimed at increasing both soil and human health. Seminars are interspersed with practical workshops, over four days of intensive but highly entertaining training. Participants will learn all aspects of soil, leaf and microbial analysis and nutrition programming along with multiple tricks to magnify fertiliser response and reduce chemical use.

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