Nutrition Farming Podcast SPECIAL EDITION: Immune Enhancement

Nutrition Farming Podcast SPECIAL EDITION: Immune Enhancement

Over Easter, I published a three-part feature on key immune strategies to counter Covid-19. I have written hundreds of articles over the years, but the response to this series was unprecedented and quite overwhelming. Obviously, I had tapped into a hunger for this much-needed information.

Episode 2 of The Nutrition Farming Podcast was meant to feature profit-building strategies in your farming enterprise. That will now become episode 3, scheduled for release in early May.  

Based upon the high level of response to my article, we decided to hijack episode 2, to provide a podcast version of the immune imperative. I trust you will find it of value in these tumultuous times. If you enjoy it, please consider providing a review, so we can spread the word more widely. I was truly grateful for the generous reviews provided for episode one.

Stay happy and safe.



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