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I invest considerable effort in trying to ensure that each podcast delivers something really special and I am sure you will find good value here. In Episode 4 of Season 2, the focus is upon sulphur, and you are about to discover what may prove to be your missing link in terms of crop resilience. In fact, this episode is entitled “Sulphur Resilience - the Secrets of Nitrogen’s Silent Sister”. The human health component will also focus upon the immense importance of sulphur compounds in sustaining your most important organ – your liver.

Plant, animal and human immunity are sulphur dependent. If you are seeking to reduce chemicals and increase sustainability and profit, then you really need to understand the dynamics of this key player. In this fascinating session you will discover when, why and how to use sulphur, and you will be gifted a recipe for an amazing, DIY, multi-purpose garlic spray. The human health segment will focus on liver health relative to all-important sulphur compounds.

I trust you will enjoy it and, as always, thank you for listening and please feel free to leave a review or share it with your friends and family.

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