Hi Nutrition Matters readers,

This month’s Nutrition Farming Podcast is a bumper edition that you may choose to enjoy in two parts. I was intent upon providing a complete "everything you ever wanted to know about compost" session and, as a result, this episode is much longer than usual.

This two-hour special, entitled "A Composting Passion - Enhancing your Purpose, Profit and Planet", covers all the tips and strategies for compost success. You will learn the mechanics of multiple composting methods and discover the exciting promise of the Johnson/Su Bioreactor.

The human health component features the story of free radicals and the antioxidants that quell their fires. It is a timely adjunct to the key longevity strategy I shared last month.

I trust you will be enlightened, inspired and motivated to make positive changes on the farm, and in your life. As always, thank you for listening and please feel free to share it with your friends and family, or leave a review if you enjoy it.

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