In-field monitoring is a critically important component of the biological approach. Proactive plant management involves precision nutrition to achieve the plant resilience that reduces the need for chemical intervention. Refractometers, sap pH meters, nitrate and potassium meters are tools that monitor the sap of the plant to determine nutrient requirements. However, the first step in this monitoring process is the successful extraction of the sap from the leaf. This typically involves choosing the first fully developed leaves, rolling them into a small ball, placing that ball in the well of a good quality garlic crusher and then squeezing out the sap. Unfortunately, there are a variety of crops that are less willing to give up their juices in this manner. Sometimes the texture of the leaf favours the release of crushed plant tissue rather than the desired sap and sometimes the leaves contain so little sap that extraction is not possible. In these instances, there is a need for a more advanced extractor.

This is the background behind the development of the NTS Advanced Sap Extractor. This device is manufactured in our workshop and it has proven very popular amongst growers already using the technology. These adapted vice grips are much more efficient and durable than garlic crushers and are of particular benefit when the going gets tough. This new, robust extractor can apply much more pressure than a garlic crusher and that pressure is more effectively focused. If you have a need for high powered sap extraction you may welcome this new tool.

The NTS Advanced Sap Extractor is available now and it retails for $80.85 AUD (including GST, excluding freight). Contact your local NTS Distributor or contact NTS on +61 7 5472 9900 or for more details.

Please note: Certain crops feature leaves from which sap extraction can be notoriously difficult (e.g. macadamia).  The NTS High-Pressure Sap Extractor is best suited for these crops.