Humates for Horse Health

Humates for Horse Health

Humic and fulvic acid (collectively known as humates), have become the most important tools in regenerative agriculture. In recent years, it has been recognised that these natural acids can also be of considerable value in livestock production. Horse Saver™ is the latest addition to the popular Stock Saver™ range. This new addition is in recognition of the fact that monogastrics actually respond at least as well as ruminants to humate supplementation.

There are several reasons why horses respond so well to substances based on ancient plant material. The most important of these factors relates to the capacity of these natural compounds to boost gut biology while also increasing nutrient uptake and associated feed utilisation.

Humates as Prebiotics

Prebiotics are substances that feed and support the billions of beneficial organisms residing in the intestinal tract. Most people are now familiar with the concept of probiotics, where an inoculum boosts the existing gut biology. Prebiotics, however, focus upon boosting existing biology and there are many that argue that this is a more productive approach. Humates are impressive biostimulants in the soil and it appears that they serve a similar purpose in the gut. Healthy gut flora is of immense importance to overall wellness because these creatures support immunity, improve digestion and produce a range of substances to nurture their host.

Horse Saver™ consists of humic acid, fulvic acid and trace minerals and this combination has proven to be of great benefit in the racing industry. We have recently decided that all horse lovers should have access to this tonic and hence the addition of this new product.

Humates Nudge Nutrition

Humic and fulvic acid are the most powerful of natural chelating agents. The trace minerals found in Horse Saver™ are all naturally chelated, but this capacity also extends to other supplemented minerals. The nutrition from everything that enters your horse’s mouth is maximised in the presence of humates. This includes supplements, mineral licks, dry feed and pasture.

Humates as Recovery Support

Humates can act like activated charcoal in times of infection or issues involving poisoning. They can neutralise contaminants very effectively by sopping up toxins and sponsoring their excretion. Humates can also boost energy in animals that are old or ill. Race horse trainers and those involved in competitive equine events often cite this impressive energy boost following humate supplementation.

In Conclusion…

Horse Saver™ offers multi-layered benefits in a soluble black powder. It is an inexpensive way to nurture your horse and ensure a healthy, dynamic, resilient animal. We have found that, when animal owners discover humate supplementation, they invariably become lifetime fans.

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