Grower Experiences Explosive Growth Using NTS Products

Grower Experiences Explosive Growth Using NTS Products

Dear NTS,

After the impact I’ve experienced using your products, I felt compelled to email and show you the results. As a small market garden operation, I taken great pride in being able to produce intensive crops in a very finite area, all while adhering to organically approved methods.

While I’ve had a brilliant run over the Winter/Spring period; this has been the first real experience I’ve had using your product lines over Summer/Autumn. The attached photos say far more than I can write.

To put the first photo in perspective, I’m standing in the centre just under 6ft.  The tomatoes on the right have cleared 7ft, the corn in the background has well and truly cleared 10ft – I have never seen corn plants with more than 2 suckers either side of the main stalk… these have 3 a side and anywhere between 3-5 cobs per plant!

The growth has been nothing short of phenomenal… especially considering we have had a cold Summer and very little heat down here.

Consider yourself recommended ☺
Best Regards
Jason Smallbon

giant tomato - bigger than tennis ball

Huge corn

giant corn