10 Second Health Tips – NTS Health on Facebook

10 Second Health Tips – NTS Health on Facebook

We have just decided to become part of the networking revolution on Twitter and Facebook. I am learning how to be punchy and concise to be able to deliver something memorable in just 140 characters. It is quite a challenge when I have always had free reign to write as many words as I felt for my hundreds of articles to date. On Facebook we will be offering a daily wellness tip on a wall entitled “Ten Second Health Tips” and that concept will be replicated on Twitter. The name relates to the fact that it takes just ten seconds to absorb this valuable information each day.

I will endeavor to deliver something practical and worthwhile with each of these tips and, as is my way, you can be assured that every suggestion is based upon research and hard science. There may be a few exceptions when I stray into the less scientific arena of mind/ body medicine and universal laws but I am sure that even the most hard nosed cynic will still find something of value in the esoteric postings. Here is an example of ten of the tweets that are now available on Facebook and will expand by the week.

Ten Second Health Tips

  1. The obesity plague is more closely linked to sugar packed food and drinks than fat but the synthetic sugar substitutes are worse than sucrose. Stevia is the solution!

  2. If you can’t beat smoking here’s how to minimise the damage and impact. Take 2000mg of vitamin C, twice a day, and selenium at 300mcg and glutathione at 600 mg each morning.

  3. Beer has the highest known GI of 110. That’s why it makes you fat. Apple cider has a GI of 15 and features phenolic antioxidants linked to cancer protection and stroke protection.

  4. Here’s a hangover cure that really works. Drink 3 glasses of water, then take 5 grams of glutamine. Take 1000 mg of vitamin C powder every 2 hours mixed with fresh juices.

  5. Research reveals that 8am and 3pm are prime times for your 2 cups of coffee. More than 2 cups can lead to anxiety, depression, stress and lower academic performance.

  6. Here’s how to chill with Buddhist 4-7-7 breathing. Breathe in through nose for 4 secs, hold for 7 secs, breathe out for 7 secs through mouth with tongue behind front teeth.

  7. Science has now proven that dreams can contain messages. Boost your dream recall with one B group vitamin with 15 mg of zinc morn & night & 50 mg B6 3 times a day.

  8. If you feel guilty doing nothing, don’t take breaks, you talk, move and eat rapidly, don’t take long holidays and live to work rather than work to live – you are a workaholic!

  9. Avoid grain fed beef because it has 5 times more saturated fat, antibiotics, no omega-3, no CLA and the grain causes indigestion which sponsors more methane emissions.

  10. The ideal exercise regime involves burning 2000 calories per week with flexibility, aerobic & stretching. 5×40 mins aerobic, 3x25mins resistance & 10 mins stretching each time.

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